Getting started in Slack

Someone told you about the Short Break From Work app that is available in your Slack workspace.

Now what?

This short guide will get you started!

But first, some tips to have in mind to get the most out of the app.

  • Each break is one minute.
  • If you can't do the what the break asks you to do for a minute (like doing jumping jacks) simply do what you can. You will eventually get there.
  • But don't jump back into work if you finish early! Stay away for the full minute. It usually takes 45 seconds to properly wind down.

Now with that said, let's get you started.

1. Make sure the app is in your side bar

IMPORTANT: If you can't see Short Break From Work in your sidebar, here's how to add it.

When this is done, the app will be available for you.

2. Now take a break

1. Choose one of the categories

2. Start the one minute timer

Selecting a category will take you to the "Messages" tab where you find the break along with some simple instructions.

Click the "Start timer" button to start.

(Every break lasts for 1 minute)

3. When the timer stops

When the timer stops, you have four options

  1. "Same again" (for when you want to do the same thing again)
  2. "Another Move|Relax|Stretch" (for when you want more of the same)
  3. "Remind me in" to let the app remind you in a while. So you can fully focus on what matters, your work.
  4. Don't do anything and come back for another break when you know you have a minute to invest in yourself. 🤩

3. That's basically it 🙌

You are now onboarded and have full access to all features.

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